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Things related to art, entertainment, and culture are collected here. For example, the Bob Ross remix below. For those who don’t know, Bob Ross was an amazing painter who led instructional videos on public broadcasting. This remix captures his fun and relaxed personality.


A collection of uplifting music videos.

Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up

This song was released in the UK on 26 August 2011.

The Lumineers - Ho Hey

June 4 2012.

The Lumineers - Stubborn Love

This video was released on February 7 2013.

Canon in D - Electric Guitar

Uploaded April 2 2006.

Moby - Everloving

A remake of the music video with a train traveling through a winter landscape.

Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait

Released August 7, 2012

Phillip Phillips - Home

Released May 23, 2012

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Other Videos

These aren't music videos, but are worth a watch.

Outerra - Anteworld Demo

This game engine is truly a work of art. It allows zooming in and out of procedurally rendered planets.
Uploaded on Feb 27 2012 to YouTube.

Space Engine

Another impressive game engine demo.

National Geographic - Into the Lost Crystal Caves

Extremely large crystals are found in these caves that have a unique microclimate.
Uploaded to YouTube on 2013-11-24.

Geology of Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

One of the world’s largest cave systems, this cave has inspired many to go splunking in its caverns. It is also the inspiration for one of the first text based computer games called “Colossal Cave Adventure.”

Robin Hood and Little John

Robin Hood and Little John (Disney Robin Hood) - YouTube

Video Games

Orisinal has a collection of light hearted games. Samarost is a much stranger puzzle game. Studies show playing games in moderation can relieve stress, and can even help patients heal faster.

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  4. CNN Blackfish Documentary - Shows the dangers and problems keeping animals in captivity. Sea world is no longer allowed to have trainers in the aquarium with the whales.
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